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What is InsurAce? Introducing the best DeFi insurance protocol
Keep Assets Secure
We provide reliable, robust, and secure protection services to DeFi users, allowing them to secure investment assets against various risks.
Stake to Earn
We reward users who provide capital to underwrite risks in the underwriting pool with $INSUR tokens.
Gain Investment Returns
We offer investment services to generate sustainable returns for investors who invest directly via the Investment Portal.
Easier Access
Deployed across multiple chains with no KYC required, providing maximum flexibility for user access.
Broader Coverage
A full-spectrum cross-chain product line, providing coverage to 20 chains and expanding to more constantly with more products to be offered upcoming.
Lower Cost
Portfolio-based bundled covers with unique pricing strategies. Save up to 60% on cover payments and 50% on gas fees. Insure all assets in one stop!
Fair & Transparent Governance
All activities and transactions are on-chain with data published and visualized within the application. The claim process is uniquely designed to align the interests of stakeholders, ensuring a fair and transparent claim process to protect the policy holders.
Case Studies
Elephant Money
Elephant Money suffered a $11m BUSD hack on April 12, 2022 but InsurAce stepped in and approved payouts of $98k to policy holders at the time of the attack, preventing total loss to individual users. Read More
The TerraUST de-peg event caused significant losses for investors, but InsurAce compensated those with TerraUST de-peg policy cover, approving nearly $12 million in payouts. This intervention prevented total loss for 155 individual investors. Read More
The FTX Cryptocurrency exchange crash caused significant losses, but those with insurance coverage through InsurAce were protected. Read More
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Listed on 6 exchanges across 4 chains with data available on 14 platforms.
Crypto Crash Cover™
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